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Becoming a MIAC member is an easy way to enhance your business and to demonstrate your commitment to fostering a spirited music community. Once we’ve approved* your application, you will receive a letter of confirmation along with a MIAC Membership fee invoice.

Memberships are available in the following categories:

Manufacturer/Distributor Members:

Manufacturer / Distributor membership is open to companies that meet MIAC’s criteria for membership and that are either Canadian organizations who manufacture and/or distribute musical instruments or related products to retailers for resale to the public, or that are Canadian organizations who manufacture and/or distribute professional audio, video or lighting products and services to retailers for resale to the public. Canadian Manufacturer/Distributor members shall have full voting rights and eligibility for board positions.

International Manufacturer Members:

International Manufacturer (non-Canadian) who does not sell their musical instruments or music related goods or services in Canada through Canadian distributors or wholesalers, your company will be eligible for International Manufacturer membership. The International Manufacturer membership category will be non-voting

Click here to download a Manufacturer/Distributor or International Membership Application

Retail Members:

Retail membership is open to Canadian Retailers of musical instruments, print music and associated products and that may be engaged in related activities such as providing music lessons, instrument repair, or instrument rental. Canadian Retailer members will be voting members.

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