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At the Music Industries Association of Canada, we are dedicated to providing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with the resources and tools necessary for greater business success and to build a stronger Canadian music products market. To do so, we have created the MIAC Membership Benefit Program that provides a wide variety of services in the areas of member promotion, education and information exchange, trade show participation and reduced costs on business services.


Working together to share important concerns and unique ideas that effect all members of the music products community, we have the capacity to make unified decisions that can make far reaching, positive differences within our industry. As individual businesses, itís difficult to foster the stable market in which we all hope to do business however, as partners and allies we have to means to achieve excellence.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is your opportunity to learn about the Associationís accomplishment and to help steer future endeavors. Members are welcome and encouraged to participate in developing policies for the coming year.

The AGM is held annually at the MIAC and PAL trade show.

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