About MIAC
Mission & Vision
Board of Directors



MIAC is committed to supporting and advancing the music products industry in Canada through advocacy, research, education, trade shows, and membership services.


A prosperous and professional industry that is recognized, valued, and utilized by the public, as a result of the economic and life-style benefits that their products and services provide.


  1. Research & Statistics
    To collect and disseminate information relevant to the members and to provide a forum for interchanging ideas.
  2. Advocacy
    To support and advance the music products industry by educating decision-makers at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels so that administrative policies may uphold musical instruments and their importance in our society.
  3. People & Organizations
    To develop and implement relevant programs, resources, and services of the highest standard in the effort to support the diverse needs of our members and promote the effectiveness of their organizations.
  4. Member Program & Services
    To promote learning and improvement through high-quality programs, research, and support services that will enhance business skills at all levels.
  5. Association Development
    To work in partnership with Canadian educational institutions and other provincial, national, and foreign associations and organizations that share MIACís values, aspirations, and its absolute commitment to creating more active music makers.
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