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Retail Membership Program

The MIAC Retail Membership Program was founded on three primary goals that are best expressed by our motto: “Unify, Empower, and Educate”.


Joining the Retail Membership Program means that you will have the opportunity to voice your concerns to a panel of committee members devoted to your cause. The committee is comprised of Canadian retailers whose volume of expertise makes finding solutions to your business concerns easier. This is a panel of your peers who are working together to build a solid foundation for Canada’s music products industry. Click here to view a list of Toronto committee members.


Working together to share important concerns and unique ideas that effect all members of the music products community, we have the capacity to make unified decisions that can make far-reaching, positive differences within our industry. As individual businesses, it’s difficult to foster the stable market in which we all hope to do business however, as partners and allies we have to means to achieve excellence.


A MIAC Retail Membership will give you access to an extensive body of knowledge and up-to-date information pertaining to market trends and recent developments. As a member, you will also have an opportunity to take part in our annual training programs and information sessions that can offer volumes of professional insight into the implementation of effective marketing and management strategies. By using these invaluable services, you’re sure to oversee the long term success of your business.

You can join this community today by sharing your thoughts and ambitions. If you value the feedback that you receive, we urge you to join MIAC and take advantage of the entire array of services that we can provide. A low annual membership fee of $52.50 is all it takes to become an integral part of our supportive community.

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