2011 MEA Awards
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MIAC headquarters will organize a judging panel, and the Awards & Recognition Committee chair will be present during the judging. The judging panel will have a minimum of three people involved in industry, or other appropriate individuals. The determination of the judging panel will be final.


Entries are first screened to verify eligibility. Each entry is then individually evaluated according to official judging criteria. Entries are judged by an Awards Committee composed of representatives from the industry's key sectors...manufacturing, distributing, and retail. The committee reserves the right to withhold awards in any category in which nominees do not meet expected levels of performance. The decision of the Committee is final.


No entry material or notes made by the judges leaves the building, but entry material may be used to explain why a company or individual won, once we come to write the Awards Announcement and script for the Awards Ceremony. So make sure that any confidential content within an entry is clearly marked as such. If the whole entry is marked confidential that means we can't explain why it won, if it did.

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