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Manufacturers' Training Sessions

**The following is a representation of the MIAC 2010 Manufacturers' Training Sessions. Please note that times and events are subject to change and more events will appear as the show draws closer.

If you're looking for the opportunity to demonstrate firsthand why your products or services are the right investment, you'll want to take advantage of our Manufacturer's Training Sessions.

The Manufacturer's Training Sessions are designed to give you an opportunity to escape the bustle of the show floor to carry out an in-depth educational session on the products or services of your choice. Manufacturer's training sessions present an excellent opportunity to explain the ins and outs of buying, using, or reselling your products. Furthermore, prospective buyers will earn a chance to voice their concerns and to benefit from hearing those of their peers. In that respect, this is your opportunity to boost their confidence in both the sales and end use of your merchandise. This level of direct feedback is also an opportunity for you to develop or retool your products and services.

Use Manufacturer's Training Sessions to take control by gaining the undivided attention of your target audience. As much as the quality of your offerings will speak for itself, it is important for buyers to have access to your expertise so that they can make the decision to purchase your products with poise and confidence.

Manufacturers will be able to sign up for the use of a meeting room for 1 hour periods. Consecutive time slots may be purchased depending on availability. During this time, the manufacturer will have access to audio visual support.

Please visit this page again at a later date to find more information about session rates and the session space, along with a full schedule of available session dates and times.

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